Dr. Majid Kazemi, ENT and Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Nose Surgeon in Iran, Tehran

Doctor Seyyed Majid Kazemi was born in Tehran. After his early education, he completed his secondary education in the school of Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (Gholhak).

Doctor Kazemi entered the Medical Sciences University of Tehran with a rating of 100 and he began the internship at the same University by getting the third highest rank of pre-internship, and he finished his medical education with the A grade point average. Then by acquiring the rank of 50 he entered the specialized field of Ear, Nose and Throat and Facial Cosmetic Surgery at Tehran University, Amir Alam Hospital. During his residency. In addition to many surgeries, he has conducted many researches about the Ear, Nose & Throat and especially cosmetic surgery and he has wrote several articles in the field of beauty and smell in authentic national and international journals (the links of articles are below).

Dr. Kazemi was graduated with the third grade and ever since he is conducting scientific and therapeutic activities. He was the member of academic faculty and the Head of Department and he is the best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the country that has done over 2000 cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Kazemi's Published Papers


Dr. Majid Kazemi CV


Majid Kazemi M.D
Rhinoplasty & Facial Plastic Surgeon



First Name: Majid
Last Name: Kazemi
Date of birth: 1973/03/28
Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
Personal Office: Unit 20, No. 58, Manzarnejad St, Shariati Ave, Tehran, Iran
Tel: (+98)21-26401420
Website: http://www.drkazemi.org
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nationality: Iranian
Language: Persian, English


ENT Surgery:     Amiralam Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences     2001 to 2005
Medical Doctor:     Tehran University of Medical Sciences             1991 to 1999
National Science Diploma: Imam Reza School Tehran, Iran             1991

Medical / Professional Experience  

Required Military Service and Researcher    1999 to 2001
Janbazan Research Centre, Tehran, Iran

Required Public Service                2005 to 2012
Amiralmomenin Hospital, Semnan, Iran

Assistant Professor                    2005 to 2008
Amiralmomenin Hospital, Semnan, Iran

ENT Specialist                    2007 to 2012
Personal Office, Semnan, Iran

ENT Specialist                    2012 to 2016
Khanevadeh Hospital, Tehran, Iran

ENT Specialist                    2012 to 2016
501 Hospital, Tehran, Iran

ENT Specialist and Rhinoplasty Surgeon        2001 to current
Personal Office, Tehran, Iran

ENT Specialist                    2012 to current
Chamran Hospital, Tehran, Iran


 • National Board of ENT (IRAN)
 • MD (IRAN)
 • National Science Diploma (IRAN)

Professional Affiliations

 • Member of Iranian ENT Society
 • Member of Iranian Association of Surgeons
 • Member of Iranian Rhinology Society
 • Member of Rhinology Research Society


 • Brain perfusion single photon emission computed tomography findings in patients with posttraumatic anosmia and comparison with radiological imaging.
   Am J Rhinol. 2006 Nov-Dec;20(6):577-81
 • Primary papillary carcinoma in a thyroglossal duct cyst.
   Hell J Nucl Med. 2006 Jan-Apr;9(1):39-40
 • A preliminary study of neuroSPECT evaluation of patients with post-traumatic smell impairment. 
   BMC Nucl Med. 2005 Nov 28;5:6

Honors, Awards

 • American Rhinologic Society, International Research Award             2005
(Brain perfusion single photon emission computed tomography findings in patients with posttraumatic anosmia and comparison with radiological imaging.)
 • Third place in the Iranian National Board Examinations for ENT Surgery        2006
 • Third place in the Pre-Internship examinations                    1998