Cares after septoplasty

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Cares after septoplasty

The surgery to correct the deviated septum is called Septoplasty and necessarily this operation is not performed along with Nose Cosmetic Surgery or rhinoplasty and sometimes it is only done to correct the deviation.

The essential care instructions for the after of the surgery are listed here:
- The mesh inside the nose is removed third to fifth day after the nasal septum deviation surgery. It is better to lie on your back when mesh is being removed.

- 24 hours after the surgery the sutures inside the nose is closed and you can use antibiotic ointment every six hours.

- After removing the mesh from inside of the nose it is recommended to lavage the nose with normal saline solution three times a day.

- Gentle lavage of nose will be permitted after the third week and it is not recommended to do heavy exercise until the end of the fifth week.

- Until the mesh is in your nose drink cephalexin capsules every six hours.

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