Excessive ear forwardness towards the skull is called lop ear. Angle between the ear and skull is normally ten to fifteen degrees, in some children due to congenital defects of the ear cup this angle increases and it results in forwardness and egregious of the ear, which is called lop ear.

In the field of nose and facial surgery, the best treatment age for this congenital disorder is 6 years old, which is the school age of the child, because at this age, in terms of ears growth, the child had reached the proper age and as the child may be ridiculed by other children, the time for this surgery is appropriate.

Surgery is under general anesthesia and local anesthesia of the back of the ears, consequently, the traces of stitches will not remain, this surgery is called Otoplasty, Oto means ear, and plasty means to shape or reform.


Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty In Iran

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