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Tuesday, 15 April 2014 14:29

Care Instructions before nose job

1 – Before surgery photographs should be taken of the different views of your nose. There must be five views from the face and the profiles while smiling and when the head is upwards and also from the right and left sides of the face.

2 - Before surgery, you should go to the bathroom and wash your face and head; you should shave your beard and mustache with a razor.

3 - Blood cell count test before the surgery is necessary.

4 - The day of surgery, go to the clinic with identification documents for fast blood test at the specified.

5 - Do not worry! Tell your doctor if you have stress before the surgery, so the necessary drugs will be prescribed.

6 - If you smoke, a week before and up to a month after surgery strictly avoid smoking.


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Tuesday, 15 April 2014 00:32

Cares after rhinoplasty

1 - As long as you are not told avoid any nasal lavage and if necessary, clean your nose with a tissue or cloth.
2 - If required change the bandage under the nose with sterile gauze.    
3 - Splint and the adhesive on the nose are removed about a week after surgery in the office, do not damage it and keep it dry.
4 - Avoid foods that require prolong chewing. Apart this issue there is no food restrictions.
5 – Rest more than usual and avoid exercise, and sex.
6 - Brush your teeth gently with a soft toothbrush and avoid manipulation of the upper lip so the nose will remain motionless.
7 - For at least 10 days of avoid excessive telephone conversation or social activities.
8 - You can wash your face, but be careful not to wet the bandage and until the removal of bandage use telephone shower and tub for bathing.
9 - Avoid smiling and laughing and excessive facial motions for a week.
10 - For a week wear clothes which are closed from the front or back and avoid wearing turtlenecks and T-shirts and sweaters.
11 - Avoid exposure to sunlight or lamp light. Heat will cause inflammation.
12 - Do not swim for a month.
13 – The inflammation after surgery this is normal, do not worry, it will be improved within two or three weeks. The complete improvement of inflammation needs six months.
14 – Take cephalexin capsules or adult cold tablets every six hours.
15 - For at least three weeks do not wear eyeglasses or sunglasses.
16 - Contact lenses can be used after two or three days after surgery.
17 - After the doctor removed the plaster splint, wash the skin with soap and water and do it with care. When the bandage was removed, cosmetics can be used and to cover skin discoloration use cosmetics.
18 - Do not doubt if you have problems, call doctor Kazemi‘s office.
The infograph of after nasal surgery cares

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