Anesthesia in Nose Surgery

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Anesthesia in Nose Surgery

One of the frequently asked questions from doctor Kazemi is about the way of anesthesia in nose surgery (rhinoplasty); I must say that nose surgery can be performed both with local anesthesia and under general anesthesia.

In local anesthesia, primarily sedation medication are injected to the patient through intravenous, the surgeon then performs simultaneous local injection at the place which creates a heavy burden on the patient's nose and at this time the nose surgery can begin.

Currently with the advent of new anesthesia drugs such as propofol and remifentanil, general anesthesia is completely safe and without nausea and bleeding and the duration of recovery after surgery is a minute or two.

Therefore most of the clinics have tendency to use expensive drugs and a way of anesthesia which is without pain and nausea. Sometimes there are rumors among people about that the medicines are fake and Chinese, that here I should comfort all my friends and say that currently the drugs available in Iran, are appropriate and all of these are rumors.



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