Appropriate age for rhinoplasty

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Appropriate age for rhinoplasty

What is the Ideal Age for a Rhinoplasty?

One of the frequently asked questions from doctor Kazemi is the appropriate age for nose surgery or rhinoplasty; I would like to tell you that within seventeen years of age to perform rhinoplasty may be the most imposing twenty to thirty years in the categories. Rhinoplasty may be performed from the age of seventeen and most operations are done in age range of twenty to thirty years.

There is the possibility of rhinoplasty at old ages even up to sixty years old, but in our clinic we do not recommend surgery for people over fifty years, because aging of skin and its loosening and falling of tissues, results in drooping of tip of the nose and causes the deformity of the nose tip and the subcutaneous tissue.

As a result, the surgery will have a negative impact, so the best age for nose surgery is between the ages of twenty to thirty but it is quite possible from the age of seventeen to fifty years.

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