Fleshy Nose Surgery and its Result

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Fleshy Nose Surgery and its Result

What is the rhinoplasty of fleshy nose and how is it done? Does fleshy nose return to the state before operation?

First we should define the fleshy nose. Noses with thick skin and plenty of sebaceous glands and open holes in the skin are called fleshy nose. In this type of nose usually cartilage is weak and major part of the nose consists of skin and fat under it and sebaceous glands. In this nose type usually the tip of the nose is down and the alae (wing of nose) are open and thick. Because of the male sex hormone and oily skin in men, these types of noses are commonly seen in men.

In the past, for correcting this type of nose and for rhinoplasty they excessively removed parts of cartilage. The result of this operation is dents and scarring of the skin due to the empty space beneath it. Usually patients think that skin removal is helpful but it seems that skin removal can cause severe scars, so it is not advised. In doctor Kazemi’s experiences, strengthening cartilage and using middle blade cartilage or septum for strengthening nose tip, and generally cartilage tissue has best effect. Cullomella strut is a piece of septal cartilage that surgeon makes it in the form of spiky and it is placed under the tip of nose and hereby it is trying to raise the tip of the nose and strengthen it.

One of the helpful things in the rhinoplasty of alar base fleshy nose is the exact removal of alae in order to make the alae small. The best method for rhinoplasty of patients with thick skin is open surgery; in close surgery because nose tip is not seen very well and access to the nasal tip is limited, the result of rhinoplasty for fleshy nose is not so good. Patients with thick skin should have a reasonable expectation towards the surgery, and they should know that their nose never will be like the nose of patients who have proper skin.

Do fleshy noses return to the state before the operation?
One question that is frequently asked from doctor Kazemi is that does in rhinoplasty of the fleshy nose the nose return to the state before the operation or not? I should answer that in case of getting the perfect result, after six months no major change will happen on the nose and it will remain in the same form.

To give an example about this we can say that it is like a soccer ball, when soccer ball deflates, because of the thickness of the leather around it, the complete depletion and wrinkle takes a long time. The same thing happens in the fleshy nose because the skin is thick, the reduction of the size of the nose takes a long time, therefore patients must wait at least a year to obtain the final result, but usually after six months the result is stable and does not return to the pervious state.

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