Nasal Fracture

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Nasal Fracture

The most common fracture in the body is the nasal fracture. Fracture is more common in men than women (due to sports activities or accidents and occupational activities). After nasal fracture, swelling and inflammation of the nose and face are common.

The best way to detect the nose and facial fractures, contrary to the popular belief is examination of the nose, not radiography. Since the nose has small bones, radiography does not help much to diagnosis.

After replacing the fracture we should wait for about 48 hours until the initial swelling and inflammation is reduced. At this time the best thing to do is to use ice packs to reduce inflammation. Nasal fracture in adults is joined in seven to ten days after fracture and in children it is welded 5 to 7 days after fracture. So replacing must be done in this time range, if the nose doesn’t take the appropriate form, after about six months the patient should undergo the rhinoplasty.

One of the main causes of nasal and facial cosmetic surgery is ill-treated or untreated fractures. In people with a deviated middle septum and nose fracture it is better to do septoplasty along with replacing to achieve the desired result.

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