Nose septum deviation

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Nose septum deviation

In the human nose there is a blade in the middle that separates the right and left holes, this blade is called the septum. During the growth of the nose, especially in embryonic period due to pressure on the fetus in the womb, septum becomes crooked, after birth due to the asymmetric growth the curvature is intensified, also incoming blows to the nose during the childhood will result in a deviation or curvature of the septum.

nose septum deviation
In septoplasty operation, the surgeon by maintaining proper function of the nose and preventing perforation of the middle septum corrects these deviations.

Most people have some degree of curvature of the septum but in some cases when this deformation leads to obvious problems in breathing, septoplasty surgery is performed. Septum plays an important role in straight standing of the nose; it is said that nose goes to the same way as the septum goes .

In deviated or twisted nose the correction of septum along with the cosmetic nose surgery is an important part of the work. It is recommended that if someone is planning to correct the septum (Septoplasty surgery) and also wants to undergo cosmetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) in the future, it is better to do both of the operations at the same time so that during the septoplasty surgery, the same cartilage of the patient is also used for rhinoplasty.

The cartilage obtained from the septum or cosmetic surgery can be used again in cosmetic surgery, so the cartilage is kept in alcohol container in the refrigerator without freezing. After nose surgery, the mesh is removed by the surgeon in the third to fifth day and as long as the tampon in the nose the antibiotics should be taken and until ten days after surgery the patient must avoid nose lavage. (Care instructions after septoplasty).

In the patients with allergies and sensitivities, the main problem is in the mucosa not in the nasal cartilage and bone, therefore, in these cases, septoplasty causes the worsening of inflammation, in these cases it is recommended to follow up the medical treatment and as far as it is possible, avoid surgery.

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