The inflammation after the rhinoplasty

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The inflammation after the rhinoplasty

What should we do reduce the inflammation after the nose surgery (rhinoplasty)?

First I must say that the inflammation after nose surgery (rhinoplasty) increases from the third day and on the fifth day it reaches to its peak. Observing the following items contributes significantly in reducing the inflammation:

- The use of ice packs in seventy-two hours under the eyes and around the nose and even on the nose
- There must be two pillows under the head of the patient

- Avoid intense physical activity.

- Stay away from sunlight, heat, light of computers and low-energy bulbs because UV radiation highly creates inflammation.

- Injection of betamethasone LA ampoule on the third day after surgery in the muscle somewhat reduces the inflammation.

- Frequent use of adult cold tablets every six hours is very helpful.

- Sometimes, especially in fleshy noses, local injection of triamcinolone ampule is very helpful and it is usually done by the doctor after the first month.

- Accurate taping also helps to reduce inflammation and twice a week taping is done by the doctor.

Sever inflammation is in the first three weeks and after that inflammation is reduced but slight inflammation can be seen up to six months after nose surgery (rhinoplasty).

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