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Bathing after nose surgery

In the first week after nose cosmetic surgery (rhinoplasty) due to plasters and taping and bandages by no means the bandages should become wet, because adhesives come up and lose their value, thus in the first week use telephone shower and tub to wash down the neck. Before visiting the doctor at the end of
1 – Before surgery photographs should be taken of the different views of your nose. There must be five views from the face and the profiles while smiling and when the head is upwards and also from the right and left sides of the face. 2 – Before surgery, you should go to the bathroom

Nose septum deviation

In the human nose there is a blade in the middle that separates the right and left holes, this blade is called the septum. During the growth of the nose, especially in embryonic period due to pressure on the fetus in the womb, septum becomes crooked, after birth due to the asymmetric growth the curvature

Nasal Fracture

The most common fracture in the body is the nasal fracture. Fracture is more common in men than women (due to sports activities or accidents and occupational activities). After nasal fracture, swelling and inflammation of the nose and face are common. The best way to detect the nose and facial fractures, contrary to the popular
What should we do reduce the inflammation after the nose surgery (rhinoplasty)? First I must say that the inflammation after nose surgery (rhinoplasty) increases from the third day and on the fifth day it reaches to its peak. Observing the following items contributes significantly in reducing the inflammation: – The use of ice packs in
What is the Ideal Age for a Rhinoplasty? One of the frequently asked questions from doctor Kazemi is the appropriate age for nose surgery or rhinoplasty; I would like to tell you that within seventeen years of age to perform rhinoplasty may be the most imposing twenty to thirty years in the categories. Rhinoplasty may

Cares after rhinoplasty

1 – As long as you are not told avoid any nasal lavage and if necessary, clean your nose with a tissue or cloth. 2 – If required change the bandage under the nose with sterile gauze. 3 – Splint and the adhesive on the nose are removed about a week after surgery in the

What is Rhinoplasty

In the dictionary Rhinoplasty or Nose Cosmetic Surgery is composed of two words of rhinos and plastikos. Rhinos means nose and plastikos means to modify or beautify. This surgery has a long history. About 2000 years ago, many people in India were sentenced to punishment of nose cut off. At the time the gum and

Beautiful nose

The purpose of rhinoplasty is to make people beautiful according to the tastes and culture of society. In every society, the definition of beautiful nose is different nose. In the history the first person who attempted to analysis the face was Leonardo da Vinci. By parallel lines he divided the face into three equal sections