What are the differences between close and open nose surgeries?

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What are the differences between close and open nose surgeries?

One of the most frequently asked questions in recent 15 years is which one of the open or close methods for nose surgery is preferred and which one brings about better results? These methods are actually 2 different approaches to the operation site otherwise they are not really technics.
In Open nose surgery, an incision is made in the collumella or the middle pike and by making another incision in the internal edge of the wings, the skin is lifted up and the surgeon gains access to the posterior sections and tip of the nose. Then, the surgeon separates the superior lateral cartilage sub-mucosally from the middle septum as follows and carries on with the operation.

Open Rhinoplasty

In a Closed method of nose surgery, there are incisions made on the inside of the nose in between the cartilages. Through these much incisions, the surgeon gains access to the posterior sections as well as the tip of the nose without making any external incisions. In this method, the view to the tip of the nose is less comparing to the open method so in cases where the tip needs more manipulation, the open method is mostly the chosen course of action.

Close Rhinoplasty

Usually, the open method is preferred to the closed method in solving the issue and flaws of the tip. Generally, there is no certain preference of the open method to the closed method but in case of reparative nose surgeries, nasal tumors that require operation, meaty and bulky noses, severely large nose tips and noses that are deformed due cleft palates and hare-lips, the open method is mainly preferred.

Surgeons apply the open or the closed method depending on their experience and using either of the methods solely depends on the surgeon’s opinion. In Dr.Kazemi’s clinic the surgeries are mainly done using the open method. Some patients ask if the scare remains in the open method after the operation. Fortunately, with proper caring and healing of the wound, there shall be no scars to worry about after the operation.

Open vs Close Rhinoplasty

The open method is also preferred in operating severely bent and deviated noses since it provides a better view and access for the surgeon to operate with both hands. The closed method is preferably used with bony noses and those which require less manipulation. Dr.Kazemi E.N.T and cosmetic surgeon of the nose, is thoroughly proficient on both technics and has operated many patients using either of these methods but he himself prefers the open method and according to his experience surgeries that are performed under the open method have yielded better results. Anyways, both open and closed approaches are perfectly safe and carry brilliant results.

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