Articles related to Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery

  • What are the differences between close and open nose surgeries?

    What are the differences between close and open nose surgeries?

    One of the most frequently asked questions in recent 15 years is which one of the open or close methods for nose surgery is preferred and which one brings about better results? These methods are actually 2 different approaches to the operation site...

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  • How is a nose surgery performed?

    How is a nose surgery performed?

    At present, the open nose surgery or Rhinoplasty is the method of choice. Every nose surgery usually involves the following stages: Lifting of the skin, skeletonizing the nose and separating the septum from the adjacent cartilages sub-mucosally. Removal/excision of the bony or cartilaginous...

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  • Read about the surgery for bony noses

    Read about the surgery for bony noses

    Bony noses are those which have prominent bridge that make the nose have curvy and hump-backed appearance. Many people go to the surgeon for their hump-backed nose bridge. This prominence varies in different people and the size is not the same in everyone...

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  • 17 Points Regarding Rhinoplasty

    17 Points Regarding Rhinoplasty

    People who have already had a nose job or those who are planning to have one should read these important issues: In the first couple of months after the nose surgery, the tip of the nose would have the most inflammation or swelling...

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  • Rhinoplasty in men

    Rhinoplasty in men

    In recent years, followed by a sharp rise in demand for nose surgery, the number of male applicants for surgery has increased, so special attention is paid to men’s rhinoplasty. There are subtle differences between the Nose Surgery in men and women; in...

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  • Revision rhinoplasty

    Revision rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty is the most difficult plastic surgery. Since the structure of the nose is very complex and three-dimensional and the final result of rhinoplasty depends on the collection and relieve of scars after rhinoplasty, for these reasons, the primary rhinoplasty in some patients...

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  • Fleshy Nose Surgery and its Result

    Fleshy Nose Surgery and its Result

    What is the rhinoplasty of fleshy nose and how is it done? Does fleshy nose return to the state before operation?First we should define the fleshy nose. Noses with thick skin and plenty of sebaceous glands and open holes in the skin are...

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  • Cares after septoplasty

    Cares after septoplasty

    The surgery to correct the deviated septum is called Septoplasty and necessarily this operation is not performed along with Nose Cosmetic Surgery or rhinoplasty and sometimes it is only done to correct the deviation.The essential care instructions for the after of the surgery...

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  • Nose taping after rhinoplasty

    Nose taping after rhinoplasty

    How to Tape the Nose after Rhinoplasty?1 - First you should go to the bathroom and wash the tape with water; you should be careful not to remove the tape while taking bath, wash the area with plenty of water and let the...

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  • Anesthesia in Nose Surgery

    Anesthesia in Nose Surgery

    One of the frequently asked questions from doctor Kazemi is about the way of anesthesia in nose surgery (rhinoplasty); I must say that nose surgery can be performed both with local anesthesia and under general anesthesia. In local anesthesia, primarily sedation medication are...

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